About the Regions

We have aggregated the stocks contained in the RAM Legacy Database into specific regions, defined by a combination of the management authority and marine ecosystem boundaries. For each region, there are various forms of summary data available for fish and invertebrate stocks, including: counts of assessed stocks in the region; biomass coverage (range of years) of stocks in the region; stock status summaries (regional mean relative biomass and relative exploitation rates); and summaries of surplus production by stock. The regional summaries can be viewed on the webpage for each region below, or downloaded as a single PDF file. For a glossary for all abbreviations used in plots, click here.


Atlantic Ocean


Canada East Coast

Canada West Coast

European Union (non Mediterranean)

Indian Ocean

Mediterranean – Black Sea

New Zealand

Northwest Pacific

Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands

Pacific Ocean

South Africa

South America

US Alaska

US East Coast

US Southeast and Gulf

US West Coast

West Africa